What is your warranty policy?

All our products are Guaranteed For Good. We want your gear to last for a lifetime of adventures. If your product does not hold up, we'll work with you to resolve the issue. That may mean instructing you on how to repair the item yourself, returning the item to our team for repair,  replacing the item, or refunding your purchase.

All products have their limitations (all t-shirts will fade over time, sweaters may have some loose threads, socks will wear down, dogs can shred Luzons, if you drop your Allpa down a volcano it will most likely burn), and there may be instances that your product does not fall under our warranty. The course of action will be determined by our repairs team, but tell us a good story and we will at the least enjoy hearing about your grand adventure!

Send us a note with a picture of your item and a grand tale at to start your claim process.

If you bring your item into a retail location, you will be asked to fill out a claims form and we will ship your item back to you if we cannot repair it onsite. Warranty claims can take 1-3 weeks to be resolved once the items have been received by our team (depending on the severity of the item - zipper fixes can be a bit trickier than loose threads!).


***Warranty does not apply to sample sale/Gear Grab purchases***

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