How do I wash my Kusa item?

To keep your Kusa jacket or blanket looking llamazing, please adhere to the following wash instructions:

-Wash Cold with mild soap by hand or gentle machine cycle
-Front load machine only
-Do not dry clean
-Do not use bleach
-Rinse completely
-Do not wring out, twist, stretch, or pull
-Air dry or line dry
-Dry completely before storing

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    Samantha Gasmire

    I bought the Fuego women's jacket. I LOVE it. It is extremely warm and works well outdoors. After snow skiing I went to wash it and followed the washing instructions; cold water, gentle cycle in a front loading washer with gentle soap then I line dried it. It is now ruined as all of the down fill has compacted into one area and is not spread out and puffy like it was when I bought it. I would LOVE to keep it but I cannot wear as it is. What do you suggest I do, return it or do you have other suggestions?
    Thank you,

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