How do I join a team?

First things first, purchase your ticket! Once that is done, you will receive an email from that contains a unique code (if you purchased more than one ticket, you will receive more codes. Make sure to divvy them up to your teammates). Then! Follow these steps:

1. Download the Questival App

2. Click "sign-up" and enter your info

3. Use your unique ticket code to get into your Questival! Huzzah! Almost there. 

4. If you are your team captain, create your team! Make sure you share it with your teammates so they know which one to join! If your captain already created your llamazing team name, just start typing it in and select it from the list. 


If you select the wrong team initially, log out, log back in and reenter your ticket code. This should allow you to reselect the correct team! 

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